Privacy Policy

Privacy and Security Policy of Erkus Sport Education Tourism Organization Informatics Trade Inc.

Our policy regarding the use of information collected from registered members of Erkus Sport Education Tourism Organization Informatics Trade Inc. and the rights of members is outlined below:

1. Your email address will not be distributed to organizations outside Erkus Sport Education Tourism Organization Informatics Trade Inc. and its subsidiaries for advertising, promotion, or marketing purposes under any circumstances.

2. The membership and personal information you provide will not be disclosed to other members without your consent. However, this information is used within our company to determine customer profiles.

3. You can access and modify all the information you enter into the system. It is not possible for another member to access and modify information about you.

4. During registration, you can choose to provide information requested, excluding mandatory fields. You are not obligated to fill in or mark fields for information you prefer not to disclose.

5. Credit card information provided during purchases on our website is not recorded by us.

These principles are guaranteed by us to protect your personal rights.

Security Policy

We use the most advanced security systems to ensure our customers can shop securely and comfortably.

Thanks to 128-bit SSL, your credit card information is protected from the eyes and interference of third parties. Throughout the order process, all information exchange is under SSL assurance, and all data flow is encrypted. This is a practically impenetrable encryption system. Through the SSL security protocol, the credit card information you provide to our site is encrypted and sent to the bank, and even we cannot access this information during this process.

Erkus Sport does not store the credit card information of any of its customers in the system. Therefore, for your own credit card security, you must re-enter your card information at each order creation stage.